Kelley Marie Wellness Services

Simplify your health & wellness

Because you want to live your best life. Because you want to have more energy and feel good in your body. Because you deserve the time and attention to dedicate towards making significant improvements to your overall health.

Using a customized, functional nutrition approach, Kelley Marie Wellness will simplify and streamline your daily lifestyle habits and nutritional choices. By having a clear wellness guide and 1-1 support, you will be empowered to make lasting changes to achieve your wellness goals. 

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Complimentary Discovery Session

Share your wellness goals and dreams in this 30-minute session. Figure out which program and package will best meet your needs to achieve your goals. Sign-up for a session at the bottom of this page.

Wellness Assessment & Goal Setting

Through a comprehensive client intake form and initial live sessions, you will identify both short-term (1-2 weeks) and long-term (6-12 months) wellness goals. Together, we will track changes using a variety of tools, and celebrate successes and wins!

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Create Your Wellness Vision & Guide

You will receive a customized Wellness Vision & Guide that will feature your goals and strategies, daily habit tracker, exercise calendar, meal planning template, weekly anchor appointments, and timeline for meeting goals. In addition, you will receive tailored resources, including: personalized Amazon Wellness List, evidence-based tools, further assessments & testing, healthy recipes, and more. 

Make Changes & See Results

In working closely with Kelley Marie Wellness to make changes to your lifestyle habits and nutrition, you will begin to see results. With each healthy habit stacking upon each other, you will gain momentum and confidence to keep going and growing!