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Frequently Asked Questions

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Wellness Coaching Defined

A wellness coach will help you navigate the world of contradictory nutritional advice and Dr. Google to figure out exactly what your body needs to thrive and be well. There is no “one size fits all” approach to health. Wellness coaches embody this principle by looking at each client holistically and providing tailored support, tools, and resources to meet their unique needs.

Types of Support You Will Receive

In working together, you will receive dedicated, hands-on support tailored to meet your specific wellness goals. This will be done through live virtual 60-minute sessions, customized resources, and frequent communication. You will receive a customized Wellness Vision & Guide that entails short and long-terms goals for your health, weekly anchor appointments, workout calendar, daily habit tracker, and assessment results. You will be able to frequently communicate via text, email, and phone between sessions to ask questions, problem solve, and celebrate successes. Throughout your entire journey, you will be supported and listened to.

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I specialize in supporting individuals looking to accomplish any of the following – increasing energy levels, reaching body composition goals, curbing cravings and hunger, healing gut issues, preparing body for pregnancy, rebalancing after having a baby, and creating healthy lifestyle habits while juggling family life.

Ready for Wellness

You are a good fit if you ready to start your wellness journey with tailored support and accountability. Whether you are just getting started with focusing on your health or looking to optimize your wellness, these services can support you in a holistic way. By working together, you will be able to talk through your unique challenges and receive support for identifying goals, strategies and solutions that work with your current lifestyle (no fad diets or juice cleanses here!).


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