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Creating Healthy Habits that Actually Stick

Happy New Year friends!

"Every habit or action is a vote for who you want to be." Let's start our new year voting in the right spot. Let's also make more healthy habits (and less resolutions) together.

Considering that a Duke University study said that 45 percent of our waking behavior is habitual, daily habits can significantly improve our health and start creating the person and the life that we dream of (or conversely, do the opposite). Today we're going to walk through 3 steps on how to create a new healthy habit that will actually stick.

If you're wanting even more guidance and motivation to start your healthy habits, you can download my free Healthy Habit Tracker and Healthy Habit Roadmap.

Now let's get started creating those habits in 2022...

STEP #1:


The first step is to identify your WHY. This is so important in creating any healthy habit - really connecting the action with how it is going to be a positive impact for you (and for others around you). Think about how your new habit is linked to a larger goal. You could journal about this, talk with a close friend about your why, or simply give some dedicated time to think more deeply about this.

Maybe your WHY is feeling less stressed in order to be more patient with your kids or practicing self-care to truly nourish yourself and what your body needs. It is important to connect your emotion to your habit in order for it to truly stick.

STEP #2:


The second step is to identify your cue (or trigger), which could be:

  • a location

  • time of day

  • immediately preceding event

  • people, or

  • anything that could trigger an action.

For example, the cue could be brushing your teeth or pouring your morning cup of coffee - Some action you know you are going to do daily. Then you would simply insert your new healthy habit immediately after this existing habit -> Every time you brush your teeth, you take your supplements which are right next to your toothpaste.

STEP #3:


The third step is very important- the habit that you want to implement needs to be micro and take no more than 2 minutes to complete.

For supplements, that’s easy. But another example could be “I want to be more active after work”, which is a pretty vague goal. Instead, you could say “When I walk through my front door after work, I immediately put on my running shoes."

The WHY might be that you want to be in better shape and be more active with your partner, the CUE would be walking through the door and seeing your running shoes left out for you, and the MICROHABIT would be putting on your running shoes. You would then create another habit to stack upon this one that might be “I put on my running shoes, then I take 4 laps around the block before dinner."

If you're looking to add to your 2022 reading list, I highly recommend going even deeper into learning about habit formation in the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. One of the most powerful books I've ever read!

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