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Happy Hour While Trying to be Healthy? Check out one of these fit wines!

Now that restaurants are opening up, you might be out for happy hour and interested in a wine choice that will not derail your wellness progress. If you are interested in learning about healthier, lower sugar wines, then you can read below to compare the different companies out there.

But before we dive in - A little wino science to start. Many modern winemakers use sulfites to kill the yeast in the wine early on, leaving residual sugar in the wine (and in our glasses). While others add insult to injury by adding sugar back into the wine to create a sweeter flavor. On the flip side, natural winemakers allow the yeasts to consume sugar until the yeast naturally dies through a process called full fermentation. These natural wines have essentially no added sugar and are typically 0-0.15 grams of sugar per glass.

Since I typically choose a bottle of wine based on the label and price, I was thrilled to learn that there are companies producing and procuring wines without added sugars and additives and lower sulfites. This results in a better-for-you option for your sugar intake and also reduces headaches sometimes associated with wine. Sounds good to me. So let's get into the options...

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Dry Farm Wines

Dry Farm Wines imports all of their natural wines from small family farmers across the world. They ensure sustainable practices and all wines are lab tested for purity. Dry Farm Wines provides organic, natural, and paleo-friendly varieties with a wide range of options.

- Calories: 95-135 cals/glass

- Sugar: 0-0.15g/glass


FitVine is a company that produces wine with significantly less sugar compared to conventional brands - with each bottle running less than 1 gram of sugar, claiming that one bottle of their wine is less than one conventional glass of wine! All of their wines are gluten free and vegan.

- Calories: 92-120 cals/glass

- Sugar: less than 0.09 g/glass


Winc curates and creates hundreds of wines. You can sign-up and take a quiz to receive personalized 4-bottle wine deliveries hand-picked to match your preferences. Winc uses minimal intervention wine-making techniques and sustainable farming techniques to create delicious wines while preserving the planet. The director of winemaking, Ryan Zotovich, says "When you start with great raw material, you have to do a lot less work with the wine. And in order to have great raw material, you have to leave the vineyard better than you found it."

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is an online shop featuring healthy, organic snacks, fresh proteins, and now wine for a discounted price. Each season, Thrive Market features a new bundle of wines providing you with a red, white and rose to sip on. All of these are personally curated by their in-house sommelier. Typical bundles of 6 wines are $89. You can also order individual bottles of your favorite blend for around $14.99 per bottle.

Well, there you have it - Some great options for healthier wines to enjoy this spring and summer. Please imbibe responsibly! Comment below if you have ever tried one of these wines and if you have a favorite.

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